Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine's Day - Classroom to Classroom

I was thinking about my neighborhood the other day - feeling blessed to live in a place that feels so safe and friendly. When the thought came to me, I wish that is how all students felt about their school. Which made me start thinking (well actually making schools a safe place for students is a common thought of mine), what can I do?

So came the idea to spread kindness on holidays like my neighborhood does. This is based on a wonderful Halloween surprise we had this past year. I plan to expand this site for other holiday and anytime activities. Please follow! 

Teachers Pay Teachers is a great site to share teacher resources and I will be providing additional free materials for spreading kindness in schools there.   

In this activity students create a surprise for another classroom. It creates a chain of kindness that spreads to the whole classroom by Valentine's Day. 

Please visit here for free downloadable materials for this activity. And leave a comment with ideas for surprises or experiences for how this worked in your school. 

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